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Real bee honey

Honey is food stock for the bees during Winter, and to feed their offspring. For humans it has always been a sweetener, a powerful diet and a good old household remedy.

The bees do a lot of complex work steps to make finished honey out of flower nectar. Also the beekeepers have a lot of work to do before and after the working progress of the bees to bring honey in best quality into the glass for humans. The quality of the honey essentially depends on the work methods of the beekeepers. Read here what bees and beekeepers perform and what makes our honey so special.

Why buy certified organic honey from Schellartz?

Learn what makes our honey so special and get an overview of the requirements of our honey and how our beekeepers work.

Our certified organic honey

Discover our honey of premium certified organic quality. Depending on which flowering plants the bees collected the nectar from, the flavor of our honeys varies from sweet to strong, so you will always find the honey of your taste.


Organic forest honey

With a high proportion of honey dew it has a very special, powerful note and appears in a striking brown color

Organic cornflower honey

The rarity of the cornflower makes our cornflower honey very special

Organic acacia honey

Collected from the bewitchingly fragrant Robinia with a high proportion of fruit sugar, our acacia honey has a particularly sweet taste

Organic spring flowers honey

Flowery mixture of different spring flowers like fruit blossoms, dandelion, sloe, whitedorn.

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